Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Thanks Come Easily--At Times

My thanks come easily
When my fortunes rise
And my will is King
And all the world seems my estate.

My thanks come easily such times.

But wait...
Today, let me reflect
Upon those thanks I owe
But which I find
Express themselves less fluently.

Today, let me remember to give thanks,
Not only for the sunlight,
But for those darker hours
That teach Fortitude.

Let me profess, today, a grateful heart,
Not merely for successes I may know,
But as truly for those failures
That teach Humility.

Let me express my gratitude
For all those petty, inner conflicts
Which, once resolved, breed new Serenity,
And for those small, distressing fears
That have their ways of building Hope.

Let me breathe appreciation
For all those poignant slights
That teach me Thoughtfulness,
And for each violated trust
That leaves Loyalty as its lesson.

And let me not forget, today
To whisper thanks for these:
The contempt that teaches Pity,
The tear that teaches Joy,
The pain that teaches Mercy,
And the loneliness that teaches Love.

So, now...
Let me reflect upon these thanks I owe...
And let my thanks come easily today.

--Bernard J. Patrick